We have everything we need in us. As we are. Right here. Right now.

Don’t believe me?

Take yourself outside and move. Do whatever comes naturally to you or is within your capacity. Move at a pace that feels invigorating but not strenuous. Move for at least 30 minutes and then slow it down for a few minutes before coming to a complete stop. Find a bench, a stump, a porch, some steps and just sit. Feel your body from the inside out. Feel you blood pumping. Feel your chest rise and fall. Feel a pulse and vibration all through your body. You know what that is? That is all you. Your blood, your organs, your body.

Do you feel stuck in life and your in pursuits?

Know that you are capable of moving a machine such as your body. Whether you do it with a limp, or with a crutch, in a wheelchair, or without an arm, or with skin grafts, or with a broken heart, or with a debt load that is coming in so fucking fast you feel like you can’t breathe.You did breath.

You did it. You moved in a direction. You breathed. Your body is humming and ready and willing. Feel it. Know it. You have everything you need. As you are.

Feel it. Then take another step.

If it helps listen to this:


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