Filling My Soul: the ocean, family, & chai tea

While you are reading this I am most likely drinking chai on my father’s deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. (Ok. Lets be totally honest, I could also be drinking one of my dad’s killer margaritas or a big glass of red.) My family and I are on a must needed R&R trip to visit my dad in Southern California. My soul needs it. Really.

I digress.

When my father returned from a sabbatical to India in late nineties, he was pretty keen on chai tea. During a winter visit with him I recall a few nights huddled around his fireplace with a hot cup of chai. After this visit, chai became relegated to occasions where I met up with girlfriends at coffee shops and dessert houses. That changed recently when I came across a recipe for Spiced Chai Tea Concentrate mix on the blog A Wooden Nest. It quickly became a soulful go-to. And this year became my homemade holiday gift for friends and family given in Ball canning jars alongside some homemade granola.

photograph: Elise’s Kitchen

So…filling my soul right now is hanging with my family near the ocean drinking warm chai. Mmmm.

How about you? What is filling your soul right now? What is filling your belly?


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