{so full} activation & cultivation

i have activation & cultivation superpowers – compassionate ears, an open heart, creativity surging through my soul, and mind muscle built for hump busting. i am super duper strong in the area of creative pursuits but have x-ray vision for life goal transformations, wanderings & crisis.

my purpose is to be a light source, a lightening rod, a light seeker for you so you can get over a hump and blast off toward your project. i brainstorm. i make creative, sometimes quirky, always thoughtful, compassionate suggestions of how to unstick, cut through, bounce in a single issue that has been holding you back.

my hope is that our interaction will be a springboard for you – to inspire more ideas, to move in a direction, to take action. and while i have been thanked countless times for my ideas & thoughts, i do not promise that all my ideas are “the one” which solves it all for you. and while i have an invested interest in you and this hump of yours, i don’t hold you accountable to act in any shape or form. i trust that you have sought me out because you need a fresh perspective, new ideas, or someone to help untangle a knot. i am not a certified coach, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. instead, i am the person at the party who you instantly feel comfortable exposing your dream to, who sees no barriers to this dream, and then riffs with you about how to make it a reality.

i work with open-minded, open-hearted persons who need help getting traction on a specific sticking point. i work with any gender, any age, any orientation. i work with persons who don’t mind frankness and non-formal, saucy speech.

i offer two different approaches to your one specific issue: a single contact, arms-length brainstorm email response to a query, or, a multi-contact, intimate untangling to a query.

how can i help you over the hump?

activation jolt -a single contact blast. you have a hump that you can’t seem to blast through. you want a jolt of ideas to help you gain momentum. you want get in & get out access to an idea generator.

for a one-time payment of $49, you receive 45 minutes of my brainstorming time on your specific issue. Within 36 hours*, you will receive a reply in your email inbox which will include anything I think might help you bust out, bust through or bounce around an idea further. No one reply is like another, but some replies have been known to have quotations, links to resources and articles, and simple exercises alongside my initial 45 minute thoughts.

how it works:

  1. you pay for an activation jolt using the PayPal button below. after the payment process is complete, you will be returned to this page.
  2. you send me an email with your first & last name with a brief message about you & your hump/issue/query.
  3. you will receive a reply within 36 hours from the time payment has been received. (*unless you receive a message otherwise – i.e. vacation, severe illness).
  4. you read my response with an open mind and heart. you use my energy, ideas, thoughts, resources, nuggets to help you gain traction. you move ahead in your project or quest.

Let’s Activate!

cultivation joggle  – a gentle mind shift.  you are stuck on a hump and can’t find a way off. you want a more personal approach to help you gain momentum. you want more of an intimate & in-depth experience working with someone to help unwind a tangle.

i take extra-special care to ensure that you & i are the right match in helping you gain traction using a short application process. if i think we would be a good-fit, i will email you and we will get started.

in this exclusive, 1-on-1 method of idea cultivating,  you can expect that i will read your application and marinate on your answers and then formulate some initial ideas and thoughts. i will respond to your application within 36 hours with my availability for a one-on-one skype session. Depending on your hump/issue/query and application answers, i may send you some soul diving homework to do and send back before our (up to) 1 hour skype session. we will skype chat (in person or written. The choice is up to you.) i will then send you a follow-up check-in reply 48 hours later.

a cultivation joggle session (my initial ideas/thoughts, a skype session to jam on those thoughts, and a follow up email check-in) is $149

{you may do this process once or as many times as you wish. sometimes in these sessions, we just scratch the surface. you may want to continue our work together. a re-cultivate session is $49}

how it works:

  1. you fill in the cultivation joggle form (below), where you state the hump/issue/query you need help joggling, as well as other helpful information. this form gets sent to my email inbox.
  2. you will receive a reply within 36 hours from the time i receive your form (*unless you receive a message otherwise – i.e. vacation, severe illness). if I think that together we can joggle & make progress over, under or through your hump, then I will send you a request for payment.
  3. once the payment has been received, i will work with you to set up an ideal time for us to skype chat. i may also send you some soul-diving homework or questions to think on before our meeting.
  4. we skype chat. we jam. we talk. we make progress. we gain traction. (up to 1 hour)
  5. i send you a follow-up email 48 hours later.
  6. you move ahead in your goal or quest.


Still have questions? Contact me at cgkingston@gmail.com


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