So Full Teaching: Shawn Achor

This is a 12 minutes well spent. Shawn is a great orator – charming, eloquent, and funny – but his message that happiness is the secret to better work is a worthy one. “Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stress.”

So Full Teaching: In the last minutes, Shawn Achor lists 5 actions that can help train the brain to being more positive and turn on the happiness. Daily activities like gratitude, journaling, exercise, meditation, and random kindness can allow one to focus on the happiness in their lives, which begets more happiness. This was a good reminder for me. I used to do most of these things and have let them all slide. I can think of specific times in my life where I have felt like the pits and have thrown on my shoes and gone for a long 40min or more walk, and returned to the issue(s) at hand and felt more able to handle them. I think it is so easy for me to fuel myself with coffee, go to bed late so I can work late, skip exercise for a multitude of reasons, stop journaling because I go to bed so late, skip quiet meditation time all in the name of being “busy”. But listening to this talk gave me a gentle reminder that I need to incorporate these things back into my routine for my own health and happiness. I might have to schedule it in for now but hopefully by the end of this year, taking care of my health and happiness will be second nature.

What about you? Do you incorporate these things in your life? Share with me.